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New Institute will provide professional short-course training in the areas of international policy and governance

The Balsillie School of International Affairs is pleased to launch the Balsillie Executive Institute (BEI), which will offer certificate-based professional development courses focused on international public policy and global governance.

“In the fluid and ever-changing international policy environment, junior officers, mid-careerists and strategic policy leaders will now have access to opportunities to enhance skills and remain abreast of current sector-relevant thinking without a commitment to full-time education,” said Dr. Ann Fitz-Gerald, Director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs, and instructor at the BEI.

All BEI short courses are taught via Zoom by globally renowned experts in their fields. The courses are typically four days in duration, and will feature activities including interactive plenary discussions, simulations, break-out group work and reflective exercises, as well as guest speakers.

“These courses cater to current-day demands on both work and personal schedules,” said Olaf Weber, BEI instructor and Professor at the University of Waterloo. “The BEI’s courses support career-focused objectives across various specialized areas within the wider realms of international public policy and global governance.”

The first two courses will be offered in June 2021. “Strategic Policy Leadership” will be taught by Dr. Ann Fitz-Gerald, and will address all critical aspects of a resilient organization from problem solving, strategic planning, data analytics and evidence-based policy analysis, direction setting, and policy implementation. “Strategies for Good: Innovation in the Public Sector” will be co-taught by Dr. Colleen Loomis and Dr. Carrie Wright, and will feature teachings on the full innovation cycle – from establishing the innovation mindset and nurturing innovation teams, to managing perceptions of risk and communicating effectively with decision-makers and stakeholders.

Upcoming courses cover topics including Gender-Responsive Governance, International Sports Governance, and Sustainable Finance. Registration is now open on the BEI’s website

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