Elizabeth Fraser

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Intern Scholar at The Oakland Institute, Visiting Student Researcher at University of California Berkeley

Elizabeth completed the Masters of Arts in Global Governance program at the University of Waterloo in December 2014 and graduated in June 2015. Her focus was on understanding national and international responses to famine. She is interested in understanding the impact of international food aid and humanitarian interventions in crisis regions, and is examining whether tools such as commodity exchange markets and derivative contracts help or hinder agricultural development in East Africa.

Before her Master's, Elizabeth was the Partnership Manager at Community Food Centres Canada (Toronto) where she worked with communities across Canada to build alternatives to food banks, ensuring people in of all incomes have access to safe, healthy and affordable food. She has also worked as a consultant and program intern with The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation. This included conducting a cross-country scan of community food security initiatives in Canada, which directly led to the creation of a multi-year granting program on sustainable food systems. Her previous work experience has led to a deep passion about food policies that focus on increasing access to food in low-income regions municipally, nationally and internationally.

Elizabeth is now based in the Bay area, where she is an intern scholar at the Oakland Institute and a visiting student researcher at the University of California Berkeley. Elizabeth is an avid cyclist, cook, and gardener, and can be found cycling most weekends.




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The MAGG program was a fantastic fit for me. The classes provided a breadth of knowledge on a variety of global governance topics, while also allowing students to gain deeper expertise in their own areas of interest. The faculty were, without exception, knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. Having the opportunity to engage in policy work with CIGI added professional experience and the opportunity to finish this degree with a publication. My internship experience has been incredibly valuable, and upon completing it, I have been offered a Policy Analyst position with the Oakland Institute. This transition from school into a relevant professional position would not have been possible without the training and support from BSIA faculty and staff.

Academic/Professional Awards

  1. CIGI Junior Fellowship, 2013-2014
  2. University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship, 2013-2014
  3. Canadian Millennium Scholarship, Provincial Laureate, 2003-2007