Eunice Rosy Ngiengi

Master of International Public Policy

Eunice Ngiengi is a student at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in the Master of International Public Policy. She recently graduated from the University of Waterloo, earning a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in International Development with a research specialization and a minor in legal studies.

During her time at the University of Waterloo, she cultivated a keen interest in exploring the negative impact of ethnic diversity on economic policies and growth, particularly in situations where a government’s infrastructure is lacking. This interest served as the foundation for her senior undergraduate thesis, titled “The Democratic Republic of Congo: Cursed by its Natural Wealth”. Within this project, she delved into the intriguing intersection of globalization and human security and their intricate interplay with policy and economics. Her primary aim was to bridge the divide between economic theory and the practical implementation of policy outcomes. Her dedication was directed towards gaining a comprehensive understanding of the methods and avenues for political engagement within the current economic landscape of the Congolese state.

Following the completion of her program, Eunice aspires to drive government action through heightened public awareness of the underlying political and economic issues impacting marginalized communities’ daily lives. Recognizing the intricate connection between social determinants of health for these groups—like education, healthcare access, poverty, and racism—she’s committed to shaping a fairer society by identifying practical solutions rooted in addressing disparities in resources and opportunities.

With a concentration in Global Political Economy and Global Institutions, Diplomacy, and Justice, Eunice envisions that this degree will prepare her to engage in a wide range of policy-making areas. Her objective is to serve as a bridge between the intricate dynamics of international and domestic factors, actively contributing to the development of effective solutions for the complex challenges presented by critical public policy issues at the local, provincial, and national levels.


  • Laurier Graduate Scholarship / BSIA Graduate Fellowship, 2022-2023


  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) in International Development, Honours Research Specialization, University of Waterloo, 2022
  • Minor in Legal Studies, University of Waterloo, 2022
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