Our graduates are based all around the world, from Panama City to New York, Amsterdam to Hong Kong and Johannesburg. They can be found working for governments and international organizations, at universities, and with some of the world’s leading international non-governmental organizations.

  • Photo of Mohit Verma

Mohit Verma

MIPP, 2018

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Research Interests: Economic and Trade Policy in Asia-Pacific

  • Photo of Cesar Jaramillo

Cesar Jaramillo

MAGG, 2009

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Research Interests: International Security, Peacebuilding, Disarmament

  • Picture of Kerry Solomon

Kerry A. Solomon

MIPP, 2017

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Research Interests: Global Health and the Effect of Currency Fluctuations on International Development Assistance

  • Photo of Ambika Opal

Ambika Opal

MAGG, 2020

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Research Interests: Technical and Social Sciences

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Search by Graduate Name or Research Interest:

Graduates of our programs have moved on to positions including:

Senior Trade Commissioner
Embassy of Canada
Bogata, Columbia

Research Consultant
Centro Internacional de la Papa
Quito, Ecuador

United Nations Advisor
Center for Civilians in Conflict
New York, USA

Gender-Based Violence Awareness Program Coordinator
United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Islamabad, Pakistan

Research Manager, Productivity and Innovation
Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics
London, UK

Executive Director
Project Ploughshares
Waterloo, Canada

Junior Professional Consultant
United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Kathmandu, Nepal

Private Sector Integrity Division
Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD
Paris, France

Economist and Trade Policy Analyst
Financial Sector Policy Branch, Department of Finance
Ottawa, Canada

Policy Analyst
Global Affairs Canada
Ottawa, Canada

International Consultant
UNDP Regional Center for Latin America and the Caribbean
Panama City, Panama

Executive Director
Industry Development, Economic Development and Trade, Government of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada

Assistant Professor
Economies of the Modern Middle East, Leiden University
Leiden, The Netherlands

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