Mohammad Nazer Alemi

Master of International Public Policy

Mohammad Nazer Alemi is a student at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in the Master of International Public Policy program.  He holds a B.A degree in Journalism & communication from Balkh University of Afghanistan. He also holds a master’s degree in counseling from Tata University, Mumbai, India through a scholarship funded by OSF New York.

After his arrival in Canada and before joining the MIPP in 2023, he voluntarily worked as a settlement counselor with Peel Multi Cultural Council (PMC) in Mississauga and has served dozens of newcomers, the Ukrainians in particular.

He has six years of working experience as Human Rights Officer with the United Nations Assistant Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) where he played a significant role in protection and promotion of human rights values and principles, including conducting independent investigation and fact findings, and producing analytical report on human rights violation during the armed conflict. Before joining UNAMA, he has founded a none profit organization called “Juvenile Social Welfare Organization” with the aim to help the children in conflict with the law for safely reintegration into the community in Afghanistan, through implementation of alternative to detention. In addition, he has worked as Juvenile Justice Researcher for Association Aid for the Children (CIAI), funded by the Italian cooperation through which he helped the ministry of justice to develop a policy for the implementation of alternative to detention. He had the opportunity to work as a project manager for a joining project of the UNICEF and deputy ministry of youth affairs in the north of Afghanistan, for seven years while simultaneously was the deputy chief editor of Jawan-e-Balkh monthly newspaper. Likewise, He helped the German International Cooperation (GIZ) as Media Consultant in terms of developing a public relation strategy.

He has published several articles and analytic reports in the print medias. His writings are mostly research-based articles and have been published in publications such as: Hasht-e- Sobh  daily newspaper, Jawanan-e-Balkh monthly newspaper and the website of the United Nations Regional Information Network (IRIN). His recent research-analysis on juvenile justice system of Afghanistan, published in April 2016, titled “Juvenile Justice- The Rights of Boys and Girls in Conflict with the Law in Afghanistan”. He also has contributed, significantly ,on quarterly and annual reports of the UNAMA, including the Protection of Civilians report ,Detention report and elimination of violence against the women report. His new book titled: “The painful reality behind the migration”. An untold story of his migration journey where he and his family has experienced a lot of discrimination in Belgium.

After the Taliban took over the control of Afghanistan in 2021, he realized that political social, economic and justice sectors of Afghanistan need to be strengthened through policy development and therefore, he joined MIPP at the Balsillie School of International Affairs at the WLU. He believes and considers MIPP as a major factor of change for his dream into reality.

Short Term Trainings:

  • Completed all UN principles on job training,
  • International Human Right Law (IHRL) ,University of Nottingham, Human Rights Law Centre at the UK, 2020.
  • Management, Independent Administration Reform & Civil Service Commission, Afghanistan, 2010.
  • General management, strategic leadership, proposal writing, monitoring & evaluation, Afghanistan, 2011.
  • Psychosocial care and child protection, funded by UNICEF, India, 2008.
  • The young champion program supported by UNICEF, Nepal, 2008


  • International Human Right Law (IHRL) funded by Anamax Charitable Foundation scholarship at University of Nottingham, Human Rights Law Centre at the UK, 2020.
  • OSF NY scholarship of M.A in counseling, 2012.
  • OSAP grant for MIPP, 2023.


  • M.A. in counselling, Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, India, June 2012-May 2014.
  • B.A. in Journalism, Balkh University Journalism Department, Literature & Humanities Faculty, Afghanistan, 2003-2006.
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