Randall M. Wigle

Randall Wigle has recently been appointed Director of the PhD in Global Governance program. He is also a Professor of Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario, Canada. He has published widely on topics in the areas of international trade policy and environmental economics. The overwhelming majority of this work relates to computable general equilibrium modeling. This modeling simulates the world economy's response to trade and environmental policies.

A broad theme in this work is the interactions among environmental, trade and fiscal policies. Dr. Wigle's recent work has focused on Canadian climate policy, especially the linkages between federal and provincial action. Dr. Wigle is currently collaborating with Marisa Beck (Ph.D. student at the Balsillie School), Christoph Bohringer (Oldenburg Germany), Nic Rivers (Ottawa), Tom Rutherford (Wisconsin, Madison) and Hidemichi Yonezawa (U Ottawa) on a project looking at fiscal and dynamic aspects of Canadian Climate Policy approaches. The work is funded by Carbon Management Canada.

Dr. Wigle has also applied the CGE methodology to look at border issues with Trien Nguyen (Waterloo) and renewable electricity policy (with Marisa Beck and Nic Rivers). Some of the work on renewable energy has been supported by Sustainable Prosperity.

Dr. Wigle's teaching in recent years has focused on environmental economics.

Professor Wigle has been involved in the preparation of technical reports for Agriculture Canada, the C. D. Howe Institute, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Environment Canada, Industry Canada, the US Department of Labor and Australia's Productivity (formerly Industry) Commission among others.



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Academic/Professional Awards

  1. Senior Fellow Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy Research Network