Dear friends and colleagues,

The BSIA community has watched with concern, outrage and sadness the anti-black racist-driven violence which has unfolded close to us in the United States; and the grass roots response being taken by populations worldwide against racism, violence and oppression.

This situation is of great concern to an institution that cares deeply about equality, social justice, human rights and the rule of law.  More importantly, as well as serving as a vivid reminder that there is much to be done to address ongoing issues of privilege, decolonization and divides, these incidents demonstrate an unacceptable disregard towards friends, colleagues, communities, and respected mentors and leaders.

We share current levels of frustration, sadness and anger. We stand in support of all efforts to oppose racism and violence, and continue to contribute our collective energy toward necessary and positive change

This is a time for all institutions, including the BSIA, to reflect on their own roles in reinforcing and breaking down systems and structures of racism, hate and oppression. We will use this moment to reflect on how the School has considered and addressed these issues in the past, and how we will move forward in a way which makes no room for complacency.  A group of faculty, students and staff will be coming together to address these issues in a way which meaningfully supports our communities.  We will also work closely with our collaborating partners to ensure that all institutional support is made available to our community.

The BSIA remains committed to being an open and caring community.  We encourage any of our community members to come to us with feedback on any racist-related issues or concerns they may wish to raise.  If you would like to connect more personally, please contact [email protected].

We wish you and you loved ones continued strength and safety during these challenging times.


Ann Fitz-Gerald