Randy Saad

Randy Sa’d is the Executive Director of REFOCUS, a ground-breaking, not-for-profit co-operative. With REFOCUS, Randy collaboratively developed the proprietary Enterprise Evolution approach and applied learning program which enables senior leaders to leverage the lens of sustainability to develop improved strategy and evolve management practices in response to accelerating global change. Randy also serves as the Acting Executive Director of the recently founded Flourishing Enterprise Institute (FEI). The FEI is an applied research institute dedicated to accelerating the development and mobilization of practical knowledge and innovative solutions that will enable all organizations and their stakeholders to flourish.

As a career management consultant, Randy has worked with both multi-national and boutique firms. For more than ten years, he has led a sustainability-focused, independent management consulting practice, advising a range of private, institutional and not-for-profit clients. As part of his practice, Randy led the development and implementation of transformative sustainability programs through engagements with one of Canada’s leading academic institutions and largest public destination, each of which lasted more than five years. Randy’s unique perspective on organizational sustainability has made him a sought-after facilitator and lecturer, having engaged with dozens of professional and academic audiences across North America and Europe.

Randy graduated from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, where he later served for nearly a decade as Chair of the School’s Alumni Association. He lives in beautiful Cambridge, Ontario, Canada with his wife, two little girls and dog.

STEM for Global Resilience

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