STEM for Global Resilience


STEM for Global Resilience

The mandate of the STEM for Global Resilience (STEM4GR) research cluster is to critically inform public debate and shape the policy discourse addressing the nexus between technology, innovation, social and economic policy. The cluster brings together scientists from all domains – material, physical, life and social science – to help advance evidence-based decisions for disaster recovery, economic growth, a sustainable environment and improved quality of life.

The Cluster hosts a virtual bi-weekly one hour open discussion to promote open and a spirited discussion on complex global challenges. At the intersection of STEM Disciplines and public policy choices, there is a need to to foster a deeper meaningful dialogue across disciplinary boundaries to bridge gaps in the knowledge base and shape pathways for new lines of inquiry and research initiatives. It is a non-agenda driven, friendly exploration of critical issues of the day. The STEM4GR Coffee Lounge has attracted thought leaders from around the world. Students and faculty are welcome to attend. Join the cluster to receive the Coffee Lounge details.

Cluster Lead

Jatin Nathwani
University of Waterloo

PhD Support Officer


STEM for Global Resilience Coffee Chat recording: "Prometheus Unbound: Can Greek Mythology help us Cope with Uncertainty in a Complex World of AI?", featuring Ortwin Renn.
Recorded on February 1, 2024.

STEM for Global Resilience Coffee Chat recording: "Energy Security or Net Zero Emissions – What’s the Right Goal for 2050? Can we Have Both?", featuring Brad Hayes.
Recorded on November 30, 2023.

STEM for Global Resilience Coffee Chat recording: "Climate Change, Ecological Collapse and Increasing Complexity: The Importance of Local Government & Need to Evolve Strategic Management Practices", featuring Randy Sa'd.
Recorded on November 16, 2023.

STEM for Global Resilience Coffee Chat recording: "The Health Workforce Data & Planning Landscape in Canada: Missing the Mark on the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health", featuring Ivy Lynn Bourgeault and Margaret Walton-Roberts. Recorded on September 21, 2023.

Financial and Technological Innovation for Sustainability: Environmental, Social and Governance Performance, by Artie Ng and Jatin Nathwani. Routledge. 2023.

"Mitigating Global Warming is Not Our Only Problem: Are we 'sleepwalking' towards a global polycrisis?", by William White in Global Risk Institute.

"If Something Cannot Go on Forever, It Will Stop", by William White in Canadian International Council 69 (30). Copy of the presentation of this paper.

Zero fossil fuel dependence by 2050: Canada needs a national commission, by Jatin Nathwani and Ann Fitz-Gerald in The Hill Times

Stuff featured BSIA Faculty member Simon Dalby – Should we ban adverts for inefficient petrol and diesel cars?

STEM for Global Resilience – Research Cluster Members

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