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Research in the Conflict and Security cluster includes work on confidence building, the nexus between economics and security, the role of ideology in conflict, critical approaches to security and human security, and human rights. The cluster worked with a theme of “Things from the air” during the 2014-2015 academic year, hosting events and workshops that featured Janina Dill from Oxford who presented on legitimate targets of bombing in November; Rhoda Howard-Hassmann presented on food security as a human right in January; Lorenz Lüthi of McGill University presented on North Vietnam in the Cold War in February; Jacques Hymans of University of Southern California presented on leaders’ emotions and preferences for nuclear disarmament; and David Gregory presented the keynote address at the “Things from the Air” workshop in April.

Top Photo:  US Navy Imagery (CC BY 3.0)

Conflict and Security – Research Cluster Members

Simon Dalby

Paul Freston

Veronica Kitchen

Michael M. Lawrence

Bessma Momani

Kim Rygiel

Andrew Thompson

David Welch

Alan Whiteside

Nathan C. Funk