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Health is broadly understood as a state of wellbeing. Global health recognizes the multiple and interlinked conditions that shape health determinants at local, international and global scales. The Global Health Research Cluster brings together a vibrant team of scholars and practitioners from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to address critical health related challenges through research, practice, and policymaking. Understanding that global health inequalities are structured by historical and contemporary geopolitical relationships, and underpinned by a commitment to equity, we aim to develop and support teams of researchers, practitioners and policymakers to improve health and health systems in Canada and around the world. We support both theoretical and applied work in global health and aim to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations. The cluster supports training and education activities for both students and professionals and aims to contribute to informed and responsible knowledge for policymaking and public communication. Current topical priority areas include outbreaks, commercial determinants of health, climate change and security, global Indigenous health, and global health methods.

For more information, contact the co-conveners, Neil Arya and Jennifer Liu.

Top Photo:  DFAT Philippines (CC BY 3.0)

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