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The Multilateral Institutions Research Cluster (MIRC) addresses the broad range of governance challenges that exist in contemporary international affairs. In particular, it focuses on examining and evaluating the efforts of multilateral institutions – global, regional or thematic in scope, formal and informal in nature – and their members to provide constructive answers to these challenges. Research contributions by members of the MIRC may cover questions of economic, political, security, environmental, human rights and other relations, as well as the resources and capacity of the various forms of multilateral institutional governance – including inter-state as well as mixed state-private sector-civil society bodies – to deal successfully with these issues.

The Cluster seeks to support the work and to foster the interests of its members through regular exchanges of research ideas, internally and with external experts who may be brought to the BSIA as guest speakers.

Top Photo:  Steve Snodgrass (CC BY 3.0)

Multilateral Institutions – Research Cluster Members