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The Science & Health Policy Research Cluster (SHPRC) focuses on how to cultivate and use the best available evidence in policy-making across levels of government and national contexts. Good social science, health science, and natural science are all important for making health policy, environmental policy, and resource policy. Yet what our best available science is and how to ensure government officials have good access to it is very much contested.

Questions at issue include:

  • How do we ensure elected officials have access to the relevant science, but remain the ultimate decision-makers?
  • How can the public effectively assess elected officials and their technically-based decisions?
  • How do policy structures such as research funding and intellectual property regimes influence the kinds of knowledge produced?
  • How should we generate the knowledge we need while also cultivating scientific curiosity and innovations that lead to the desired breakthroughs?
  • How should we address the important ethical issues embedded in both knowledge generation and knowledge assessment?  Which policies do we need?

SHPRC addresses these questions in Canada and globally across a range of topics, including the environment, innovation, health, and social science.

For more information, contact the co-conveners, Kate Henne and Jennifer Liu.

Top Photo:  DFAT Philippines (CC BY 3.0)

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