Sarah Wyatt

Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario in May 2018 with an Honours B.A. in International Relations and Minor in History, Sarah Wyatt has experienced the fast-paced branch-level banking environment and the structured and disciplined Canadian Military Reserves environment. Both have had an effect in shaping Sarah’s policy interests. Interest in Canadian banking regulations, as well as federal economic and fiscal policy, has been the result of working within the bank, while interest in DND policy and the direction of the Canadian military and its commitment to civilian protections have become new areas of interest from working in the Reserves. Sarah hopes through her MIPP studies to fine tune her interests in economics and finance, human security, and the environment and its protection, in a meaningful way in order to be a resource in public policy creation in the future.

Conflict and Security
Environment and Resources
Global Political Economy / Waterloo Political Economy Group (WatPEG)
Multilateral Institutions
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours Specilization in International Relations, with a Minor in History from Western University

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