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Stefano Lopreiato graduated from the International Economics and Finance program at Ryerson University in June of 2018. There are many research areas in Public Policy he would like to explore in greater detail. He has a strong passion for International Economic Relations and he is keen on learning more of it by pursuing a Master of International Public Policy at Wilfrid Laurier University. He conducted research in the trade patterns and employment trends within member countries of NAFTA that explored the effects of loosening restrictions on trade barriers; he concluded that strengthening restrictions on member countries for the US would increase domestic production of goods and services. He hopes to learn, through this Graduate program, how to implement effective policies in order to sustain employment in developed countries with increased competition from lower waged labour in developing countries. Another area of interest for him is in International Environmental Policy as he is very concerned for issues relating to the environment. He has completed coursework that explored the relationship between economic systems and the environment, such as externalities that exist through manufacturing of natural resources and undeveloped lands. He believes that this program will give him a strong foundation in methods of implementing effective policies that aim to solve the effects of pollution and methods to address effective uses of natural resources to maintain sustainable development.

He has experience writing a semester long paper in his Applied Research Methods coursework. He conducted research on the economic impacts of policy changes in trade relations in the United States, simulating a situation where the United States abandoned the NAFTA free trade agreement. Data was simulated using the GTAP CGE model to measure the economic effects on domestic labor production in the United States from the resulting policy change. The study concluded that if the United States were to abandon NAFTA it would increase the domestic production of goods and services. In addition, he has completed research of salaries between genders in order to find wage discrimination in the labour force. He executed regression equations using SAS to find wage gaps in salaries between males and females. In this study, he determined that wage discrimination among genders existed in the labour force based on the regression results. He concluded with offering polices changes in the hiring process of employees, to help prevent further discrimination of wages among different genders.

  • Bachelor of Arts International Economics and Finance-Ryerson University, 2018

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