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Sue Horton is a Professor of Health Economics in the School of Public Health and Health Systems at UW. She received her BA from Cambridge, and her Masters and PhD from Harvard, and specializes in health, nutrition and labour market issues in developing countries. Her research focus is on health economics and health policy, particularly on nutrition and public health, and more recently also cancer. She has worked in over 20 developing countries.

Sue has edited or co-edited seven books, and is the author or co-author of more than 70 refereed journal articles and book chapters, as well as 30 technical publications. She has given over 100 invited presentations and conference papers in four continents, and has consulted for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, several UN agencies, International Development Research Centre, etc. Sue speaks French, German and Spanish as well as English.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • Visiting Scientist at Centre for Global Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto 2014-15
  • Proposed solution for nutrition and hunger ranked as top solution at the Copenhagen Consensus 2008 (https://www.copenhagenconsensus.com)
  • 2008-09 Visiting Scientist at Micronutrient Initiative, Ottawa


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  • School of Public Health and Health Systems
  • University of Waterloo

  • Office: School of Public Health and Health Systems, LHN2714 (UW)

  • (519) 888-1234 | Ext. 37730

Environment and Resources
Science and Health Policy
  • Ph.D., Harvard, 1982
  • M.A., Harvard, 1981
  • BA Cambridge, economics, 1977

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