Lucy Hinton

2020-12-04T14:57:16-05:00PhD Students|

Lucy is researching the policy implications and influences on the dynamic intersections of food, culture, diets and sustainability.

Sue Horton


Dr. Horton has extensive experience in developing countries and has consulted for the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and several UN agencies.

Aria Ilyad Ahmad

2020-12-04T15:08:23-05:00PhD Students|

Aria Ilyad Ahmad's research interests include global health governance and international pharmaceutical policy.

Scott Janzwood

2020-12-04T15:10:12-05:00PhD Students|

Scott researches science policy and uncertainty management in the areas of climate change, global health, and artificial intelligence.

Jeremy Wagner

2020-12-04T17:31:34-05:00PhD Students|

Jeremy’s research interests examine the nexus between food system formalization, food security, and food system sustainability.

Alan Whiteside


Dr. Whiteside’s current research program focuses on interrelated areas of global health concerns. These include: shifting burdens of disease, immigrant and migrant health, and the economic and social causes and consequences of HIV and AIDS.

Araba Maanan Blankson

2020-12-04T17:37:21-05:00MIPP Students|

Araba Maanan Blankson is interested in public policy and international development, particularly, activities and policy processes geared towards reducing poverty and deprivation and creating economic opportunities.

Anjali Shanmugam

2020-12-04T18:12:35-05:00MIPP Students|

Anjali Shanmugam is interested in the movement of peoples across geographies, the barriers that migrants encounter, and gender inequality, for instance, the access to health rights and property rights of women.

Paul Timah

2020-12-04T18:19:26-05:00MIPP Students|

Paul Timah is a Cameroonian who has had the “luxury” to experience life in Sweden, Mauritania, Ethiopia and Canada through studies, work and immigration.

Warren Parker

2020-12-04T19:29:27-05:00BSIA Fellows|

Warren Parker is a Public Health and Communication Specialist with a focus in preventative health including COVID-19 and HIV among other diseases and health conditions.

Rohit Ramchandani

2021-05-11T09:36:15-04:00BSIA Fellows|

Dr. Rohit Ramchandani is CEO of Antara Global Health Advisors and an Adjunct Professor of Global Health Innovation at the University of Waterloo School of Public Health and Health Systems.

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