Patricia Goff


Dr. Goff specializes in international political economy with a particular interest in trade, intellectual property and cultural capacity.

Scott Janzwood

2020-12-04T15:10:12-05:00PhD Students|

Scott researches science policy and uncertainty management in the areas of climate change, global health, and artificial intelligence.

Kaleigh Alyssa Campbell

2021-07-14T15:01:58-04:00MIPP Students|

Kaleigh Alyssa Campbell's research interests surround the political-economic arrangements that relate to the international trade of artworks and the development of national policies regarding the trade of cultural goods.

Kristy Smith

2020-12-04T18:17:27-05:00MIPP Students|

Kristy Smith’s research interests include digital governance related to multilateral organizations, preserving democracy and the future of work.

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