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Terry V. D’Andrea‘s journey towards higher education has been quite unconventional. Initially, he spent 15 plus years working as a professional musician both touring and recording in various capacities. Through this work Terry was able to interact with people from all corners of the world, these interactions prompted him to begin to think about how and why people formed diverse beliefs about how the world around them functions. From there, Terry began his post-secondary academic career as a part-time mature undergraduate student at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. As Terry made his way through his undergraduate career he began to hone his numerous research interests ultimately focusing on the relations of the Asia-Pacific states in general, but then more precisely, on the relationship between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States of America.

During Terry’s final year of undergraduate studies he undertook the task of understanding more about the PRC’s recent program of military modernization and what the potential implications are for the future of East Asian and US-China relations. While working on his Master’s degree Terry broadened his research interests to include elements of East Asian political economy, theoretical perspectives on Asia-Pacific relations, the domestic politics of the PRC, and global and security governance mechanisms.

After completing his PhD coursework and comprehensive examinations the focus of Terry’s research has taken a turn towards the more psychological perspectives while remaining centred on US-China relations. More specifically, Terry is examining the roles played by threat perceptions, empathy, risk-aversion, and risk-propensity, on US-China relations in the South China Sea as they relate to the concepts of gains and losses. Further, this also entails an examination of how these concepts are impacting the prospects for the implementation of reasonable and mutually acceptable security governance mechanisms.

Academic / Professional Awards

  • 2013-2014 SSHRC Awarded (Accepted)
  • 2014 OGS Offered (Declined)
  • 2013-2014 McMaster University Graduate Scholarship
  • 2013 McMaster University Political Science Award


  • D’Andrea, Colin Chau and Lee-Shen Tse. Forthcoming. “Land Reclamation in the South China Sea”. Waterloo: CIGI.
  • D’Andrea, Terry. 2016. “The CCP’s Concerted Efforts to Internationalize the RMB, US Dollar Hegemony, and Why the Dollar will Continue as the World’s Top Currency for the Foreseeable Future”. Paper presented at International Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • D’Andrea, Terry. 2016. “The Perception of Threat in the East and South China Seas: The Utility of the Cognitive and Psychological Perspective”. Paper presented at International Studies Association Conference, Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
  • M.A. International Relations, McMaster University
  • Honours B.A. Political Science, McMaster University

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