Narendran Kumarakulasingam

Dr. Narendran Kumarakulasingam’s work explores the world-making capacities of marginalized actors in contexts of massive violence. One area of his scholarship examines the lived experience of atrocity in postcolonial societies as a site for rethinking globalized notions of redress, repair and transgression. A second, undertaken in collaboration with Mvuselelo Ngcoya (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban), engages with the life-worlds that sustain the cultivation of indigenous plants in South Africa. His research interests include political violence, global justice, colonialism and decolonization, postcolonial nationalism, food sovereignty and narrative writing. He is Adjunct Instructor in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, University of Waterloo, and Associate Editor of Journal of Narrative Politics. He holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the School of International Service, American University, Washington, DC.

  • Adjunct Instructor in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, University of Waterloo

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