The BSIA’s research clusters bring together faculty, fellows and graduate students to support research activities in areas of the broader global governance and international policy domains. Students at the BSIA are encouraged to join one or more of the research clusters at the School.

In a complex and turbulent world, conflict can range from military intervention to digital espionage and violent protest. Understanding the sources of, and solutions to, economic, material, and human insecurity is an essential challenge.

Cascading ecological and resource crises threaten global social and economic stability and present complex governance challenges across all levels of government. Join us for the latest research on the governance of global, regional, and national sustainability and environmental issues.

From the authority of international organisations and regimes to regulate and enforce, to the influence and engagements of high-level diplomats and humanitarians, this cluster explores historical and emergent global justice norms and practices.

Unprecedented transformations in trade, finance, production, and food coincide with power shifts, institutional upheavals, ideological clashes, and environmental change. More than ever, the politics of the economy are central to the world’s future.

From human mobility to the enforcement of borders, how the complex social politics of territory, nationality, power, and identity are made, shape who we are as humans and what socio-political possibilities may emerge thereafter.

Politics and policy are inseparable from the sciences underpinning the everyday operation of our world. We use multi-disciplinary insights as a window into this entanglement, unpacking the 'resilience' needed to face global crises.

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