The BSIA’s research clusters bring together faculty, fellows and graduate students to support research activities in areas of the broader global governance and international policy domains. These areas include issues concerning conflict, peace, security, economic development, environment, resources, public health, technology and innovation, migration, food security and more. The concept of a research ‘cluster’ characterizes the way in which these research groups work across different domains – spanning social, life, physical, material and natural science – and come together in forms required to support specific research problems and future policy challenges.

Research clusters meet regularly to engage in critical intellectual debate and research collaboration.  The Clusters also host events and guest presenters, and provide support to policymakers.

Conflict Research Cluster - Image by US Navy Imagery CC BY

Conflict and Security

This cluster includes researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including political science, history, geography, sociology, education and economics (with growing links to researchers in the STEM fields).

Image of wind power generators

Environment and Resources

This research cluster addresses the global governance challenges associated with large-scale environmental degradation and resource depletion.

Science and Technology Research Cluster - Photo by DFAT Philippines CC BY

Global Health

This cluster brings together a vibrant team of scholars and practitioners from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to address critical health related challenges through research, practice, and policymaking.


Global Justice and Human Rights

This cluster explores the study of the relationship between global governance, global justice, and human rights.

Image of NYC skyline

Global Political Economy / WatPEG

This cluster includes researchers from economics, political science, and other disciplines who embrace a variety of approaches to the study of international, comparative and domestic political economy.

Migration Research Cluster - Photo by Al Jazeera English CC BY SA

Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics

This research cluster includes researchers from a range of disciplines including communication studies, geography, political science, and sociology.

Image of flags from around the world

Multilateral Institutions

This cluster includes researchers from a range of disciplines including Economics, Political Science, Geography & Environmental Studies, Communication Studies, Religion and Culture, Education, Kinesiology, and others.


STEM for Global Resilience

The mandate of the STEM for Global Resilience research cluster is to critically inform public debate and shape the policy discourse addressing the nexus between technology, innovation, social and economic policy.