Abbas Imam

Master of Arts in Global Governance, 2023

Abbas Imam is a MAGG student in the Global Governance program at Balsillie School of International Affairs. Abbas is pursuing a specialization in Global Social Governance and Conflict and Security. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science as well as an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from York University.

Abbas’s broader research interests include conflict security and the development of public health initiatives in Central and South Asia. In particular, he is interested in exploring the contributory role of governmental, multilateral, formal and informal organizations in promoting effective health governance and delivering health initiatives. Using both analytical and optimization methods, Abbas will be collecting and organizing administrative health data to improve and develop public health systems in the specified region. His overall project will explore various optimizing strategies that can help states to forge sustainable and effective partnerships with multilateral and formal institutions and also inform local public policy decisions. His research explores issues of health insecurity to provide populations with improved methods for accessing health services.


  • Balsillie Doctoral Fellowship, 2020
  • York Graduate Scholarship, 2019
  • York Graduate Scholarship, 2018
  • Member of Dean’s Honour Roll, York University, 2018
  • Academic Achievement List, York University, 2017
  • Academic Achievement List, York University, 2016


  • Master of Arts in Political Science, York University, 2019
  • Specialized Honours (BPA), Public Administration (Stream: Law, Justice and Public Policy), York University, 2018
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