Jenna L. Hennebry

  Professor, Communication Studies   International Migration Research Centre (Laurier)

Jenna L. Hennebry



Jenna L. Hennebry

Professor, Communication Studies

International Migration Research Centre (Laurier)

(226) 772-3139 (BSIA)

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BSIA Office: BSIA 243

  University Profile

Jenna Hennebry is a Professor at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Coordinator of the Women and Gender Studies Program, and Associate Dean of the School of International Policy and Governance at Wilfrid Laurier University. She is Co-Founder of the International Migration Research Centre and the Migration Worker Health Project, and Founder of the Gender+Migration Hub funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Jenna is a member of the Canadian Council for Refugees Subcommittee on Migrant Workers and the UN Expert Working Group on Women’s Human Rights in the Global Compact for Migration. She is an Expert Advisor to the Auditor General of Canada, Performance Audit on Temporary Foreign Farm Workers – Covid-19, a member of the UN Network on Migration’s Thematic Working Group 4 on Bilateral Labour Agreements as well as the newly formed Thematic Priority Group 7 on Gender. She also sits on the Advisory Board of the Global Migration Data Centre (GMDC) and the Migration Research and Publishing High-Level Advisers, both of the IOM.

Jenna has carried out globally comparative research on labour migration governance, gender and migrant worker rights and health, for over 15 years. She has consulted for UN Women, IOM, UNODC, and multiple government agencies. Her work has been funded by national and international agencies and governments, and it has been published in English and Spanish in journals such as International Migration, the Journal on International Migration and Integration, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, among others. Her work has informed policy recommendations for gender-responsive and rights-based approaches to labour migration governance at local, provincial, national, regional and international levels.


  • WLU Faculty Merit Award, 2013
  • WLU Faculty Merit Award, 2009

Select Publications

  • 2015. Bilateral Labour Migration Agreements, Development and Trade: Complexity, Contradiction and Coherence.. J Hennebry W Grass G Williams K Williams MWalton- Roberts A Chikanda and J Crush (Forthcoming).
  • 2015. ‘Out of the Loop’: (In)access to Health Care for Migrant Workers in Canada.. Hennebry J J McLaughlin & K Preibisch January (Online ahead of print).
  • 2015. Making vulnerability visible: medical repatriation and Canada’s migrant agricultural workers.. Hennebry JL and GWilliams Commentary January.
  • 2014. Falling Through the Cracks: Migrant Workers and the Global Social Protection Floor Initiative.. Hennebry J August 2014.
  • 2014. Transnational Precarity: Women’s Migration Work and Mexican Seasonal Agricultural Migration to Canada.. Hennebry J Thematic Issue on ‘Gender and Migration in the Global Economy’ Fall 2014.
  • 2014. Paper versus Practice: Occupational Health and Safety Protections and Realities for Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers in Ontario.. McLaughlin Janet Jenna Hennebry and Ted Haines April.
  • 2014. MWalton-Roberts and JHennebry (eds) Springer Series: International Perspectives on Migration Vol 5 VI.
  • 2013. J Hennebry and B Momani (eds) UBC Press.
  • 2013. Pathways to Precarity: Structural Vulnerabilities and Lived Consequences for Migrant Farmworkers in Canada.. J McLaughlin and J Hennebry In L Goldring and P Landolt (eds) University of Toronto Press.
  • 2013. The Exception that Proves the Rule: Structural Vulnerability, Health Risks and Consequences for Temporary Migrant Farmworkers in Canada.. J Hennebry and J McLaughlin In C Hughes and P Lenard (eds) McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • 2013. Buy Local, Hire Global: Temporary Migration in Canadian Agriculture.. K Preibisch and J Hennebry In C Hughes and P Lenard (eds) McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • 2013. Health across Borders: Health Status, Risks and Care among Transnational Migrant Farmworkers in Ontario.. J Hennebry K Preibisch and J McLaughlin CERIS Ontario Metropolis Centre Research Summary Toronto Ontario.
  • 2012. Permanently Temporary? Agricultural Migrant Workers and Their Integration in Canada.. Hennebry J Study No 26.
  • 2012. A Model for Managed Migration? Re-Examining Best Practices in Canada’s Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.. Hennebry J L & Preibisch K 50(s1) e19-e40.
  • 2012. Indirect Pathways into Practice: A Comparative Examination of Indian and Philippine Internationally Educated Nurses and their Entry into Ontario’s Nursing Profession.. M Walton-Roberts and J Hennebry CERIS Working Paper.
  • 2011. Temporary Migration, Chronic Impacts: International Migrant Worker Health in Canada,. Preibisch K and J Hennebry June 14 2011 183:1033-1038.


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Western Ontario, 2006
  • M.A., Sociology, University of Waterloo, 1998
  • B.A., Sociology, University of Waterloo, 1995
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