Mikayla MacIntyre

Master of Arts in Global Governance


Mikayla MacIntyre graduated from Trent University in June 2022 with an Honours in International Development and a minor in Political Studies. While at Trent University, she completed an experiential learning year abroad in Ghana which allowed her to pursue various participatory learning approaches, including an Internship with the Ghana Refugee Board.

While at Trent, Mikayla was introduced to and critically explored women’s rights issues, particularly in the global south, colonialism, and governance, and how each of these is interdimensional and intersectional. Through these components of her degree and personal interest, she also found interest in secularism and democracy, and a general interest in religion and politics, and how things such as women’s rights can be tied into these.

While at the Balsillie School of International Affairs, Mikayla intends to critically examine and explore these interests in more depth and try to meaningfully and critically understand the importance of global governance in shaping, informing, and evolving these social, cultural, political, and economic issues.


  • BA International Development, Trent University, 2022
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