Olubunmi Onilude

Master of International Public Policy

Olubunmi Onilude holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Law and Diplomacy (honours) from Babcock University in Ogun state, Nigeria. She is also a graduate student of the 2023/2024 Master of International Public Policy program at the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

Olubunmi’s ambitions reflect a holistic dynamic to global development that leverages international laws, foreign policies, and effective economic strategies to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her emphasis on international cooperation, the alignment of policies with the SDGs, and the crucial role of economic strategies underscores the complexity of achieving sustainable development. Such endeavours, she believes, require collaboration across governments, industries, civil society, and individuals to create a more equitable, just, and prosperous world.

With a unique and incredibly diverse professional background spanning the legal, business management, fashion, logistics, and hospitality management industries, Olubunmi has gained valuable insights into multidisciplinary and cross-sector experience on the global economic impact of various industries. Her research aspirations are aligned with her commitment to contributing meaningfully to global economic progress and addressing challenges related to the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals.

Olubunmi participated in the Global Enterprise Experience program in 2019 and 2020 where she realised the relationship between cooperation and development in global economic development. Hence, her first course of action is centred on Goal 17 which is to establish a stern global partnership and alliance for sustainable development. She believes this goal will ensure total effectiveness in the implementation of policies. By prioritizing Goal 17 and campaigning for strong global partnerships, she aims to address the complexities of global challenges through collaboration and consensus. This, she is certain, will greatly impact the practicability of policies being enacted.

Olubunmi believes that a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of policy will equip her to not only advocate for more effective policies but to be a front-line player in creating such policies on the international plane, putting both developing and developed nations at an equal advantage in the global economy.


  • Bachelor of Science in International Law and Diplomacy, Babcock University, 2020
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