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Zhenzhong Si is a human geographer with broad research interests in sustainable food system, alternative food networks, food security, food safety and rural development initiatives. His doctoral research examined the emerging alternative food networks in China, their roles in sustainable rural development and their interactions with the state. He is currently researching food security and food safety of Nanjing within the Hungry Cities Partnership project. He is also facilitating a LinkedIn Discussion Group “China’s Changing Food System”.

Academic/Professional Awards

  • Outstanding Achievement of Graduate Studies Award, University of Waterloo, 2015
  • Third place of the 3 Minutes Thesis Competition, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo, Canada, Feb. 27, 2014
  • Outstanding Student Dissertation Award, the 30th Anniversary of the Chinese Society of Agriculture Engineering, China, Aug. 2009
  • Second Prize, Land Management Knowledge Competition, China, 2009


  • Raymond Yu Wang, Zhenzhong Si. 2015. The transformation of trust in China’s alternative food networks: Disruption, reconstruction and development. (corresponding author) Cho Nam NG and Steffanie Scott 20(2): 19.
  • Zhenzhong Si, Theresa Schumilas and Steffanie Scott. 2015. Characterizing alternative food networks in China. 32(2): 299-313.
  • Steffanie Scott, Zhenzhong Si, Theresa Schumilas, & Aijuan Chen. 2014. Contradictions in China’s Path to Zero Food Safety Risk: State- and Civil society-driven Developments in the Ecological Agriculture Sector.. 45(2): 158-166.
  • Theresa Schumilas, Steffanie Scott, Zhenzhong Si, and Tony Fuller. 2012. CSAs in Canada and China: Innovation and paradox.. The International Conference on Rural Reconstruction and Food Sovereignty 2nd South-South Forum on Sustainability Chongqing China Dec 7-11.
  • Zach Gable, Danielle Huot, Shahzad Muhammad, Riaz Nathu, Victor Saraiva de Almeida, Zhenzhong Si, and Steffanie Scott. 2012. Book Review: Development Theory: Deconstructions/Reconstructions. 12(2/3): 246.
  • Zhenzhong Si, Mao Li, Wenju, Yun. and Weili Qiu. 2010. Regional Difference Analysis and Preservation of Cultivated Land Resources in China: A Perspective in Geography.. 25(5): 713-721 (in Chinese).
  • Zhenzhong Si, Mao Li, Weili Qiu and Wenju Yun. 2009. A preliminary study of the village in city prevention: A new land consolidation pattern in the planning boundary of the urban core. 09: 30-35 (in Chinese).
  • Zhenzhong Si, Mao Li, and Weili Qiu. 2009. Regional difference analysis of Chinese prime farmland construction.. In Wenju Yun (ed) Beijing: China Land Press pp 144-151 (in Chinese).

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