Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics


Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics

The Migration, Mobility and Social Politics (MMSP) Cluster includes researchers from a range of disciplines including communication studies, geography, political science, and sociology.  The cluster undertakes to critically examine contemporary challenges in the governance of migration and ‘the social’. The MMSP cluster is anchored around the following core priority areas: human rights and citizenship, global social policy and protection, diaspora and transnationalism, and territory and identity.

Cluster Leads


Sarah Turnbull
University of Waterloo


Margaret Walton-Roberts
Wilfrid Laurier University

PhD Support Officer


Displacements: Conversations on Migration, An IMRC Podcast Series. Episode 2: Conversation with the author: Kim Rygiel, “Fostering Pluralism through Solidarity Activism in Europe”

Coronavirus: Canada stigmatizes, jeopardizes essential migrant workers by Jenna Hennebry, C. Susana Caxaj, Janet McLaughlin and Stephanie Mayell

Migration, Mobilities, and Social Politics – Research Cluster Members

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