Global Institutions, Diplomacy and Justice


Global Institutions, Diplomacy and Justice

The Multilateral Institutions Research Cluster includes researchers from a range of disciplines including Economics, Political Science, Geography & Environmental Studies, Communication Studies, Religion and Culture, Education, Kinesiology, and others. The cluster undertakes to support a program of relevant visiting speakers, and to connect engaged faculty, students and other interested visitors in exchanges of research work, while also advancing the goals and operations of the School.

The research cluster on Global Justice and Human Rights explores the study of the relationship between global governance, global justice, and human rights. The group brings students, faculty, activists and practitioners to critically engage research on such topics as decolonization, the state and global governance; anti-black and indigenous racism in governance theory and practice; the rights of people with disabilities; south-south relations and the ‘rewriting’ of ‘rights’; expert practices and global justice activism; human rights as discourse and relation; resistance, resilience, and humanitarianism response; redistributive justice, recognition and reconciliation.

Cluster Leads


Andrew Cooper
University of Waterloo

Jasmin Habib
University of Waterloo


Alistair Edgar
Wilfrid Laurier University

PhD Support Officer


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